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What others think of us! Genuine testimonials from previous passers

Below are some genuine comments from real learner drivers who have passed their driving test with me so you can see what they thought of learning to drive with Peter Hamilton.

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Joseph Hapgood
Passed 1st Time

Thanks! Was an amazing teacher, helped me in every way possible, Do advise if anyone would like to have driving lessons... Here is your man! Always on time, done the best times suitable for me, and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test best way possible, and always helped me out! Thanks Peter Hamilton.
Jaye Blackwell
Passed 1st Time

Thank you everyone, couldn´t have done it without Pete’s nagging and constant reminders though haha baby brain can take a rest now , I would highly recommend Pete to anyone thinking of learning to drive because if I can pass first time with 4 minors literally anyone can.

Pete helped me to gain a lot of confidence whilst driving (those roundabouts were super confusing). His teaching methods are easy to follow and makes driving so much easier. I enjoyed my lessons and it will be a bit weird driving without Pete sitting next to me.
Sarah Smith
So happy with my pass, thank you so much Pete :) would definitely recommend to anyone! thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and found your teaching methods easy to understand. Thank you for helping me improve my confidence in driving!
Dani Stephens
Passed 1st Time

Thank you again Pete. Wouldn´t of done it without you. Definitely the best driving instructor I´ve had! Looked forward to every lesson with you, you made them very enjoyable and easy! Your methods were by the far the best I´ve come across. So glad I had you as an instructor just wish I went with you years ago when I first started!
Would recommended you to anyone!
Thanks again!
Aimee Greenwood
Passed 1st Time

Big thanks to you Peter! I´ve had a few driving instructors, but you´ve had a lot of patience with me and have brilliant teaching skills. By far better than than the other ones! Noticed a complete difference in enthusiasm than the other driving instructors. Always got a big smile on your face, can tell you love what you do! Thank you very much!
Heather Johnston
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Pete for helping me pass my test! Lord knows I´m not easy to control, but your teaching skills were brilliant! & helped me will all the things I needed to learn & improve on! I didn´t feel scared about driving & so happy with my test result I would definitely recommend you to everyone I know! Thanks again :)
Jasmine Shirley
Thank you for everything Pete! Would recommend you to anyone who asks and I felt calm and relaxed when driving with you! Had some funny conversations! Feel so chuffed with 0 minors and it´s all thanks to you :) can´t thank you enough!
Georgia Butterworth
Thanks Peter for helping me pass my test! lessons were always very relaxed and friendly which made me feel at ease when starting to drive :)
Lauren Neate
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Peter, so happy with my pass!:) thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and my confidence with driving improved so much with you as an instructor, lots of patience and good methods that I can use when I´m on the road in my own car! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn!
Tean Rudd
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Peter for your help , not just to pass a test but teaching me how to become a confident and careful driver. You´ve really helped me to keep calm and learn so much. Your patience is outstanding a down to earth guy, amazing teacher and so easy to get along with. No shortage of bad jokes and great laughs :) I looked forward to our lessons together every week, and will miss the chats :) I really don´t think I´d have been able to do it without you. Thanks so much :)
Nathan Bennett
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete! If anyone is reading this I´d highly recommend Peter to learn to drive with, his learning methods are great and his tips on how to do drive are great, it made me feel more confident on the road thanks for everything Pete.
Charlotte Smith
Thanks so much Peter for helping me get over those nerves in the end! Brilliant instructor, would recommend to anyone - you put me at ease from the very first lesson! Hope to see you around and about, cheers again Peter!:)
Jack Davies
Passed 1st Time

Big thanks to you peter! Great driving instructor and would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks for helping me gain my full licence! All the nagging paid off in the end! Cheers Pete!
Lauren Jenkinson
Thank you peter for putting up with me! Truly amazing driving instructor would recommend to anyone! All the nagging paid off in the end haha you will be missed!
Lauren Pugh
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete for your help on getting me to pass. Enjoyed all of my lessons with you and will miss them! Always explained everything thoroughly making things easy to understand :)
Would highly recommend :)
Alison Williams
Passed 1st Time

Alison Bragger Williams. Thank you so much pete I´m still in shock after passing first time with only 3 minors. You were always calm patient and understanding even on my bad days, I´m glad I found you after my first bad experience. I´m going to miss our lesson which were very enjoyable, great guy great lesson, will be keeping your number for my daughter in the future.
Jessica Vause
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Peter, an amazing instructor who is really patient and explained everything easy:) always had a laugh! Thank you for helping me pass, I´m going to miss my lessons! :)
Kate Davies
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for all your help!!!! cant believe I actually passed haha fab advice on the day and all the other lessons and talked through everything so good and never lost patience even when I´d daydream, thank you for everything will be waving when I see you on the road!x
Sophie Wilkes
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much again Pete! I really enjoyed my lessons, you were a great instructor! I would definitely recommend! Hope to see soon :)
Shaunagh Searle
Passed 1st Time

A big thanks to Peter! Great teacher and easy to get along with, I looked forward to every lesson. Gave great advice and gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time! Couldn´t have found a better instructor, making sure every base was covered and I am fully prepared to set out on my own. Thanks again Peter!
Daniella Cavill
Passed 1st Time

After almost giving up, I am so glad I found Peter. His professional, organised and relaxed approach to my lessons made me feel so comfortable in the car. He put me at ease, made me laugh loads and gave me the confidence and knowledge I so needed! I went from dreading driving and thinking I´d never pass, to enjoying learning and looking forward to lessons, with his clear instructions and simple techniques. Peter was patient and made exceptions to help me along with my driving, the man is a cool, calm driving genius!!! Massive thank you Pete!!
Samuel Townend
I´m glad I learnt to drive with Peter. He was a great teacher, getting across what I needed to know whilst staying friendly and very patient, no matter how stressed I became. A really helpful and efficient teacher, I am very grateful to all your hard work Peter. Hope to see you around, thanks for everything!
Starr Evans
Passed 1st Time

I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me pass first time, and only having 1 minor, Myself and my parents are over the moon, and after the experience we had with first instructor, we are glad to have found you, your professional teaching was top notch, and I really enjoyed my lessons with you.
Now I have my freedom, this will help also with my career, I and my parents will always highly recommend you for to other learners, who want excellent tuition.
Big thank you from the bottom of my heart, at least now Simon can now concentrate on his driving.
Thank you peter for all the help and advice without you I would have no way

Starr Evans
Keshena Dalby
Passed 1st Time

More than pleased with this result, thankyou for all your patience with all my off days, great instructor, and lots of laughs during the lessons. Couldn´t have asked for a more comfortable working environment :)thanks for putting up with me for so long peter x
Jemmiah Williams-Rumble
Thanks so much Pete, couldn´t have asked for a better, more patient driving instructor, especially on those super fun ´off´-lessons! I looked forward to every lesson as you explained everything so well and made me feel comfortable with all the learning! Once again, thanks so much and hopefully I´ll see you driving around! :)
Jonathan Hapgood
Passed 1st Time

Great stuff, happy as larry, anybody want lessons I recommend Pete, most probably the best driving tutor in bridged, thanks Pete
Olivia Brett
Passed 1st Time

I´m so happy to have passed first time! I definately made the right decision to chose you as my driving instructor. I looked forward to every lesson, you always made them enjoyable and easy I´m going to miss them. Thank you for everything Pete :)
Kiri Emery-Waite
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete, I never thought I would see the day but I´m glad I took that plunge and chose you to be my driving instructor! You helped me grow confidence after each lesson and not only did you teach me the skills I needed but also shared your knowledge of the roads. You are a real genuine down to earth guy who would make anyone feel relaxed in the driving seat! Even though I am a quite a quiet person ( maybe you´d say that´s debatable) I found you easy to chat to and have a good laugh with. I don´t know if I could have done it if I had chose anyone else! Thank you for all your help Pete and don´t eat all that Terry´s chocolate orange at once!!! :)
Jessica Edwards
Thanks again for everything peter, i definitely would not have passed without your guidance and you´ve given me the confidence i needed :)
Rachel Lewis
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete for being so patient and giving me the confidence I needed to pass first time! I always enjoyed our lessons and looked forward to them. You´re a great driving instructor and I´ll miss lessons. Thank you for everything!
Karoline Antonie Muldal
Passed 1st Time

I still can´t really believe it!! Thank you so much Peter!! :) I couldn´t have done it without you! All the nagging surely paid off in the end, haha! You were such a good instructor, and I was looking forward to every lesson with you! Let´s just hope I will be just as good on the right side of the road! :)
Annette Parker
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Pete for helping me pass my test ! I looked forward to my lesson every week as you were easy to get along with and had loads of laughs you made me feel at ease when I felt like I was messing things up! I would defiantly recommend anybody whose thinking of learning to drive to go with you! Great experience! See you around awesome driver. :)x
Heloise Sverdrup Lund
Passed 1st Time

Aw thank you! You´ve been a great instructor and made learning to drive a pleasure :) I´ve looked forward to every single lesson and might actually even miss your nagging, which sure has paid off. Thank you so much :)
Scott Ewing
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete ,great instructor, glad you kept your nerve with me at times,we had some awesome laughs, but when it came to the driving you was just the guy I needed to get on the road !Many thanks!
Leah Harris
Aww Pete I couldn´t of done it with anyone else you are amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you as their instructor. You are a pleasure to be around and the crash course went so quickly because of your calming down to earth nature. I can´t thank you enough :)
Michael Forester
Passed 1st Time

Thanks for everything Pete, couldn´t of asked for a better instructor. Looked forward to and enjoyed each lesson but now your finally rid of me. Thanks again
Jenelle Evans
Passed 1st Time

Thanks so much pete! Lesson were brilliant, great experience and you´ve helped me so much gaining confidence driving on the road in such a short time:) see you soon, p.s keep practising your jokes!
Rebecca Chick
Passed 1st Time

Could not have asked for a better driving instructor! You made me feel so confident with my driving and made it good fun. Can´t believe you put up with me for this long :)I loved every lesson and am gutted they are over. Hopefully see you again! Thank you so much! :)
William Haley
Thanks! You were a great teacher to have and made driving fun. You were very funny throughout and I got great stories from driving around with you. Thank you for teaching me peter!
Eleri Thomas
Passed 1st Time

Can´t quite believe it!!! I´ve had such an amazing time learning to drive with you and always looked forward to lessons! Despite your terrible jokes you´ve made everything so easy and enjoyable and put up with all my huffing and puffing over reversing round corners. You´ve definitely made driving a less daunting experience and one that I now look forward to! Thanks for everything Pete!!! :)
Kyle Williams
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for helping me pass my test first time. Very good instructor and got me to drive independently and safe.
Charlotte Owen
Thank you to my awesome teacher for helping me pass! I loved our lessons and thoroughly enjoyed learning with you, made me feel so relaxed! would highly recommend to anyone who wants to start driving, especially for any girls who are worried about learning with a male instructor so easily to get along with and helped me understand driving so well:) so happy to be out on the road!
Demi Prichard
Passed 1st Time

Thankyou so much Pete! Really chuffed I passed my test, your a brill instructor will defiantly recommend you! You always had me in stitches, kept me at ease and I really enjoyed lessons, it´s sad I won´t have them anymore! Hope to see you on the road soon! Beep beep!
William Garner
Passed 1st Time

So please i passed first time! Thanks a lot for being a great instructor and always giving clear instructions. Would recommend you to anyone, thank you :)
Alex Jenkins
Can´t believe i passed! you was such a brilliant instructor :) thank you so much Pete, hope to see you soon :)!
Hannah Adams
Passed 1st Time

Wooo I passed! Still can´t get over it :)Massive thank you to Pete you´ve been an amazing instructor :) See you around soon !
Chantelle Pulvirenti
Passed 1st Time

Thanks so much for all your help making sure I passed my test first time, you made my feel comfortable and at ease! You had lots of patience with me( don´t know how mind haha) I would of never passed if I had any other driving instructor. I would highly recommend you!
Thank you!!
Sian Evans
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Peter, you´ve been a great instructor. Really talkative, supportive and friendly. Really enjoyed our lessons, thanks again, couldn´t have done it without you :)
Emma Oakley
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much peter for all the help you gave me to ensure I passed my test first time, you made my lessons so enjoyable and helped me to control my nerves! I would highly recommend you to anyone!
Dayna Jeynes
Passed 1st Time

Thank you very much again Peter!!:) fantastic instructor, made me feel very comfortable and was so calm! very clear and an excellent teacher, couldn´t be more grateful! lessons were great, thank you so much again :)
Jemma Price
Passed 1st Time

I´d recommend you to anyone!!!! Best driving instructor around without a question, always felt calm because the way he teaches never thought I’d find the test as easy as I did, but thanks to Pete preparing me for everything nothing was going to stop me from passing, Thanks you so much!!X
Sophie James
I´m so happy to have passed and couldn´t of done it without the superb teaching skills that Pete has. He´s patient calm and makes you feel very comfortable....ok so you have to laugh at his jokes but no ones perfect....only joking we really did have some proper good belly laughs along the way and id recommend Pete to anyone!!!! Fantastic driving instructor....Thanks a million Pete!!!!!! xxx
Hope Dabernig
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete, really fun lessons had a good laugh! thanks for everything. Really enjoyed my lessons with you! 5 star rating for sure! :)
Lucy Ballard
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Peter for helping me pass my driving test 1st time. Your lessons were always fun and laid back and even though I felt a little nervous you always made me feel relaxed by the end. I even ended up enjoying driving! Would HIGHLY recommend Peter as a driving instructor and have already got one of my friends signed up with him! Thanks again Peter, couldn´t of done it with out you :)
Jennifer Mansfield
Passed 1st Time

Thanks pete it was a pleasure learning with you!! Your lessons were all very relaxed and you made everything easy to follow, your a great instructor I would recommend to anyone!! I´m now a chauffeur for paul and my dad!! Thanks again :)
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete :)and thank you for being a great instructor. Lessons were always fun and easy going. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends. :)
Passed 1st Time

AWESOME instructor, couldn´t have had anyone better and I doubt I would have passed if I´d had anyoen else! Lessons were great and always something to look forward to; I´d definitely reccommend to anyone - Thank you!
Best driving instructor, looked forward to every lesson and always had a laugh! would recommend to any one and have already recommended to my friends! cheers for everything pete!
Paul Lauridsen
Thanks to your expert and friendly teaching even an old codger like me managed to pass. i´m sure your patience must have been tested more than once but you never showed it. Thanks again I would recommend you to anyone.
Abbey Bailey
Passed 1st Time

PASSED FIRST TIME!!!! Would highly recommend Peter, his determination to make me
a competent driver paid off by me passing first time. Thank you for your
perseverance as we both know I can be trying at times :-) one very happy driver.
Adam Bennett
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Pete, he´s chuffed to bits (Adams mum) x
Mark Penny
Passed 1st Time

Thanks peter it was a pleasure learning with you, don´t think I would have passed first time with anyone else. You are A1 instructor and I would def recommend you to others cheers mate, Mark
Jason James
Thanks Peter it was an absolute pleasure learning with you. You made driving come across so easy and lessons were always relaxed and fun. Would recommend you to anyone thanks again!
Megan Popplewell
Passed 1st Time

So grateful for all your help in me passing my test Peter, I was scared to learn to drive and never thought i would feel comfortable in a car but thanks to you I am now already out and about ... on my own! Learning to drive has actually been one of the best experiences ever and I have grown in confidence massively, I am so glad I choose you to learn with, that little bit of banter really helps! A unique quality I would highly recommend learning with Peter especially if you like me are very nervous to start learning. I promise not to stay so close to the white line and squint round tight corners (was only once honsetly), Thank you for everything, I really am grateful for everything! All the best for the future with your new car ;P xx
Hannah Rowe
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for everything Pete, it truly has been a pleasure learning with you - I wouldn´t have wanted anyone else on this journey with me.
Your patience, knowledge, learning methods, laid back attitude and banter really helped me have the confidence and ability to succeed.
I cannot recommend you highly enough and I will miss seeing your little bald head every week! x
Mathew Jones
Thanks for the lessons Pete, you made learning to drive easy and fun. I´d recommend you to anyone. See you on the road!
Lauren Howells
Passed 1st Time

Peter is an amazing instructor! His patient method of teaching gave me the confidence and skills to be able to pass and the lessons were always made fun with plenty of banter!
Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!
Thank you Pete!
Tom Bowen
Pete was very easy to get on with and took the time to explain why you need to do things when you drive as opposed to just telling you to do them. He was very patient and gave constructive feedback. He was always up for a bit of banter as well. Would definitely recommend him to anyone else about to learn to drive.
Best wishes
Tom Bowen
Philip Lauridsen
Passed 1st Time

Cheers Pete, it was a pleasure learning with you. I thoroughly enjoyed our drives. I was particularly impressed by the fact that you don´t just "teach to pass". You made me a safer and more aware road user whether I´m on two wheels or four. Good luck for the future and I´m sure there´ll be many more clean sheets for you!
Phillip Dowler
Thank you Peter! Been great driving and learning from you. Easy teacher and great laughs along the way! Again thank you for the time. Maybe see you on the roads at some point! Cyclists can stay safe now!
Alyson Roberts
Thank you so much Pete,it´s been a long journey to get here. Thank you for being so patient with me and allowing me to learn and pick things up in my own time. Those manoeuvres were the Bain of my life,but we got there in the end. I found driving hard and You helped me manage my nerves and become a confident,safe driver. It´s been a pleasure working with you. But it ain´t over yet,pass plus here we come ! Thank you for everything. See you soon.
Rachel Battrick
Thank you! I chives my perfection, :) thanks! thanks for everything! Really enjoyed lessons and the good chats! Thanks again! :)
Chloe Jones
Passed 1st Time

Thank You for everything Pete, don´t think I could of got through it without you believing in me! Best instructor around, will always recommend you :)
Rhys Dyke
I never thought I would pass but Peter gave me the confidence and skills to overcome this. Peter was awfully easy to get along with and explained the various scenarios whilst driving in depth. It was a pleasure having Peter as my instructor and I would recommend him to anyone seeking driving lesson
Jed Morse
Lesson were great thanks Pete, got along with no problem and was great fun learning, thanks a bunch Pete!
Bethan White
Thanks! Made things easy to learn, and the lessons were always fun! Thanks for everything, hope to see you around :)
Sarah Samuel
Passed 1st Time

What can I say about Peter Hamilton?!

Little legend :)

I started off as a really nervous driver putting off driving for around 5
years, I got in the car with Pete and id look forward to driving each weekend.
Such a chilled out guy and really professional.

Would recommend him to everyone.

Passed first time with only 5 minors although they are debatable ey Pete?
my weekends already seem empty and I’m sure yours will never be the same.

Thank you once again for your patience and the banter.

I’ll be in touch when the new season of the valleys starts!
Suneela Afzal
Passed 1st Time

Peter is a very good driving instructor. I highly recommend Peter. He´s been reliable and patient through out my driving lessons. With peter´s help I improved my driving weaknesses and passed my driving test first time. Many thanks Peter
Jonathan Hooper
Passed 1st Time

Thanks for everything, BEST TEACHER EVER:-)
Luke Richards
Passed 1st Time

Thanx for a brilliant week, nice guy and top instructor! Would highly recommend people to learn with you!
Sarah-Jayne Farthing
Thanks Pete. You´re a legend! Can´t thank you enough. After having 3 different instructors I knew I´d stick with it after our very first lesson. Your lessons are fun, varied, relaxed and very effective.

I´m very grateful for all your hard work, time and patience and will recommend you to all my family and friends in the area. Gonna miss our lessons!
See you on the roads!

Best wishes.

S x
Hayley Rees
Passed 1st Time

Thank Pete, it was so much fun learning to drive, I´m so sad that we wont have banter anymore but shall make sure I beep when I see you out and about with two hands waving haha!! Thanks again for being an amazing instructor, shall recommend you for life!! :) xxx
Emma Jones
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Pete for helping me pass my test. I was so nervous when i first started, couldn´t imagine ever passing! But Peter was always reassuring and helped me through every step it took to pass my test. We had lots of laughs and lots of banter along the way. I always felt safe and and Peter is so friendly and easy to get along with, it made it that much easier. Thank you again for all your help, will be recommending you to all my friends. Couldn´t have done it without you! TOP INSTRUCTOR!! :)
Jamie Broben
Passed 1st Time

Peter you were a great instructor! You taught my mam how to drive and myself and we both passed first time. I´d recommend you to anyone, your really calm and you made learning less nerve racking.
Thank you. (:
Daniel Tee
Passed 1st Time

Highly recommend peter to anyone! I had a lot of fun learning to drive and he was always calm and helpful.
Thanks Peter !
David Winchurch
If this guy can get me to pass my test then he´s a miracle worker! Highly recommended and I had a lot of fun whilst learning.
Cheers Peter!
Joanne Wilshire-Whyte
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for being fab teacher Pete going to miss our weekly chats lol
For everyone who is looking to learn how to drive this man is the one to go to!! He´s funny, laid back and so easy to get on with, friend for life!! :D
Take care Pete
Jo x
Rebecca Ashman
Passed 1st Time

Honesty cant thank you enough Pete! passed my test first time after just 25 hours!

every lesson was fun,interesting and full of banter!!! was a pleasure having you as my driving instructor, gonna miss our lessons

would recommend you too anyone!
Samuel Cornish
Passed 1st Time

Thank You so much for getting me through my test in 6 weeks passing 1st time! always looked forward to Pete´s lessons and they will be missed now! such a laugh and very, very good at explaining things and teaching you! would recommend you to anyone in the future.
Laura Tee
Best driving instructor ever!! i always looked forward to every lesson, Pete is sooooo funny which makes the lessons so chilled out! passed today but gutted because it means no more lessons with Pete haha!

But I´ll see you for my pass plus, cant get rid of me that easy :d thanks for
Robert Smith
Passed 1st Time

Its only taken me under 4 months to pass my test first time with peter, if anyone wants to know a top first class driving instructor look no further.. Peter is the one for anyone. he gives you confidence, clear instruction, helps you every step of the way, he has an awesome sense of humour and makes you feel very comfortable learning to drive with him, i couldn´t have chosen a better instructor. i would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. thank you for all your help, time and effort. your a top man, thanks again.
Teresa Simon
Passed 1st Time

wow! what an amazing instructor! he´s patient, funny and very
professional. with such a high first time pass rate i can highly recommend
peter, i started learning in Feb of this year and passed first time with only 3
minors in June same year" not bad hey" so if you want the job doing you know who to call (and it´s not the ghost buster´s) lol

Thank you peter from the bottom of my heart...
Laura Marchant
Pete was an amazing driving instructor! he had patience and never gave
up on me at all! he made the lessons fun so i was less nervous :) i never
thought i would pass but on my second attempt i did thanks too Pete, i wouldn't have done it without him :)
i owe me being able too drive all done too him :)
Thanks Pete :)
Beth Allman
Passed 1st Time

Loved learning to drive with Pete as he was very patient and funny. passed first time today. i highly recommend him.
Kloe Youssef
Passed 1st Time

Passed first time and couldn´t have asked for a better instructor! so patient and funny, i would definitely recommend him.

Thanks for everything Pete!!:)

Charlotte Long
Passed 1st Time

Awesome instructor, would highly recommend to anyone. passed first time today, I´m not the easiest person to teach so he´s extremely patient haha,
Thank you for everything!
Sean Evans
Passed 1st Time

Pete is a brilliant instructor! i passed first time, with zero minors!
I´ll be recommending him to everyone i know.

Cheers Pete
Alex Leyshon
Passed 1st Time

Passed first time yesterday! Peter is a great instructor! he´s very
patient and friendly, would definately recommend him! thanks for everything!:)

Anna Czerniecka
Passed 1st Time

At first i was very nervous, but Pete made my lessons stress free and
enjoyable giving me confidence needed. thanks to him i passed first time. i
would recommend peter to anyone. once again thank you for everything!
Laura Pullin
Passed 1st Time

Peter is as others have said, a great instructor! he is someone who makes you feel comfortable on each and every lesson regardless of whether you felt it went good or bad! i cannot thank Pete enough for the confidence and skills he has given me whilst driving! i passed 1st time with only 1 minor and i believe if it weren't for Pete making me believe in myself and teaching me with step by step instructions then this wouldn't have been the case! so thanks Pete once again for everything you've taught me and for making learning to drive a pleasant and easy experience!! :)
Sharly Cook
Peter is the most amazing driving instructor and i couldn't recommend
him enough! he treats you as an individual and tailors his teaching to your
specific needs and personality. he made me feel very relaxed and confident at
all times, making learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience. Peter is
extremely patient and funny! I'm in my thirties and would recommend him to all
age groups. now i have passed my test i am a very confident driver, Peter
teaches you not only to pass your test but driving skills for life! thanks Peter
you're a star!!!
Paul James
Passed 1st Time

I chose peter after reading the testimonials on here, Peter was a great instructor and never got stressed or impatient with me, he also broke the reversing maneuvers into simple steps which made them easy to understand and follow. this enabled me to pass on my first attempt, cheers for that Peter. if you want the best chance at passing your test i would look no further than having Peter as your driving instructor.
Katie Holdham
Passed 1st Time

Passed first time with many thanks to Pete :) great instructor, i would recommend him to others.
Jamie Coates
Excellent instructor, explained everything in plenty of detail, I passed with only 4faults, highly recommended to any new or experienced drivers, thanks for all you help Pete :)
Josephine Gould
Just passed my test, so happy to have had peter as my instructor.
always had a good time while out driving and learning from him and never felt
under pressure. i would recommend him to anyone, thanks peter :)
Robyn Mcerlean
Passed 1st Time

Pete has been i great teacher, always explained well and got me to do my best without putting pressure on. from the minute i had my first lesson i was instantly comfy. Pete was always cheerful and made me laugh.
enjoyed the time i spent with him driving, so much so i recommend him to anyone
who asks. thanks peter :)
Stewart Miller
Passed 1st Time

I would recommend Peter to anyone who looking for driving lessons, I had to pass my test really quickly (within 2 months) due to my new baby arriving & thanks to Peter, I done just that & passed so easily..
cheers Pete & thanks for everything ....

Bew Weeks
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Peter.......... i started driving a couple of months ago, and
after looking for a driving instructor i was told about Peter Hamilton from a
colleague at work, whos daughter found him to be a very good instructor and passed
her test 1st time of trying.

i have been learning now with peter for 3 months and this week passed my
driving test also on my 1st time of trying, he has been an excellent teacher and
i would highly recommend him to anyone, thanks again peter i know it wasn't
easy......... lol
Mandy Grant
Passed 1st Time

Peter is a brilliant driving instructor! he was easy to talk to and
always had a good laugh which made the lessons more fun. passed first time,
with thanks to Pete, i would recommend him to anyone! :)
Claire Rowe
Passed 1st Time

Pete was patient and kind from my first lesson. he made learning to
drive so much fun and the lessons flew by. i couldnt of asked for a better
instructor! would definitely recommend him to everyone,

thank you for everything Pete
Phil Iles
After trying various instructors and failing my test i thought i would
give it one more go and found peter to be the best instructor i have had . he
feels you with confidence and makes the stress of learning to drive so much
easier if you want to pass, he is the man to use, trust me.
Elinor Hooper
Peter is a fantastic driving instructor, couldn't of asked for anyone
better! he's lovely, very friendly and a good laugh to have in the car. i don't
think there was one lesson i had where he didn't make me laugh. would definitely recommend him:)
Eleri John
Passed 1st Time

Learnt with Peter for a month and passed first time with him! He's a brilliant teacher and very patient. He explains everything really well and makes you feel at ease straight away. Would recommend Pete to anyone, enjoyed all my lessons with him and he prepared me perfectly for my test! To learn with Pete was the best decision I made! Thank you for everything!
Abi Gunningham
Passed 1st Time

Was learning with peter for 3 months and passed today my first time :d
he was always a good laugh whilst teaching me which made me learn easier, but
was also professional and made sure i was safe and understood what i was doing.
would recommend peter too anyone, he was absolutely brilliant and i always
looked forward to my lessons:)
Matthew keylock
Passed 1st Time

I booked a crash course with peter and from the first word we spoke on
the phone he was everything you'd want in a driving instructor. he was very
patient and helpful, and he's also a cracking bloke. i would recommend anyone to
start learning to drive with peter, no matter how confident or unconfident you
are he'll help you out and improve your driving to the required standard and
more. glad i had him, even more so that i passed my test first time. thanks
allot peter, legend!!
Dionne Arthur
Passed 1st Time

Passed my test first time today just 2 months after my 17th! Pete's so
friendly and patient don't know how he does it! and hes a great laugh!
recommended him to my friend so now shes having lessons with him and she loves
it! also ill be recommending him to everyone else :)
Marcus Sandberg
Passed 1st Time

I was already told by my sister that peter was a top class driving
instructor and i found that out for myself after stepping into the car with him.
his constant patience and friendliness always made driving lessons a treat.
peter picked up on my faults and improved them. any questions i had he had the
answer to. i would happily recommend him to anybody. thanks Pete.
kirsty Dobbs
Passed 1st Time

Thank you very much for teaching me :) Peter is awesome driving
instructor is really friendly and patient :) would defo recommend to any1 :d
!!!!!!!!! "d
Hannah Bargery
Passed 1st Time

Peter is an absolute legend! I'm a typical women driver with not much
common sense and he got me ready to pass and i passed 1st time, if he can teach
me to drive then he can teach anybody, i had 2 instructors before Peter and
they couldn't see passed the nerves and just put me down and made me even more
nervous, Peter made the lesson really easy and fool proof and made the lessons
really enjoyable and was always a good laugh when out in the car, would
recommend him to anybody! especially if your a nervous driver.

Thank you Peter! your amazing! x
Kirsty Pullin
Passed 1st Time

i really enjoyed learning with peter. he is patient and is always
happy to explain anything you don't understand. at first, i felt nervous at the
thought of being on the road, but Pete really put me at ease. he has a great
sense of humour and is easy to get along with. i passed my test first time!! and
Pete has really made me feel confident in my driving!! he is honestly everything
you would want in a driving instructor and i couldn't recommend him enough!
thanks for everything Pete! :)
Anna Baitup
Peter is a great instructor! Peter was great throughout it all. He not only taught me how to drive but gave me tips on how to stay safe after i passed. Staying positive is a key thing with Peter and with his sense of humor you can guarantee a great lesson each week! So plan ahead and drive with Peter!
Thanks for everything Peter!
Michela Pulvirenti
Passed 1st Time

I would highly recommend Peter, he is very patient and friendly and has a great sense of humour. Peter would never get frustrated if i struggled to do anything!. I passed first time with only 5 minors:).
Thank You and Good Luck in the future!.
Aisha Afzal
I just want to say that Peter has been a great instructor. He has been patient and given me all the guidance needed. Without him I would not have passed my driving test so quickly. I now have the confidence that a good driver should have. I would recommend Peter to anyone.Thanks a lot Peter.
Michael Jones
Passed 1st Time

Peter is a very good instructor to have. He is calming to start with and will be patient if you make mistakes. He won't shout at you for making mistakes but will talk you through your errors. He somehow managed to get me to pass first time and that's a good effort on his behalf. I'd recommend anyone to pick up the phone and give Peter a call
Rhia Lewis
Passed 1st Time

I started having lessons in May this year and passed this November!!! I never thought I would pass so soon and 1st time. Pete really boosted my confidence and always helped me when I thought I couldn't do it. He's a very calm n patient guy who always makes u feel at ease n relaxed. I would and have already recommended Pete 2 everyone I know who wants to learn to drive!!! Thanks Pete for all you done for me. I really appreciate it!!!
Clare Willis
Passed 1st Time

I was given driving lessons for Christmas of 2007. I didn't contact Peter to arrange the lessons until march 2010 as I was terrified of learning to drive! Right from the first lesson Peter made me feel at ease and learning to drive began to be an enjoyable experience, which was mainly down to Peters wild sense of humour!! In November of 2010 I passed my test first time! I'd highly recommend Peter to anyone who's interested in learning. Thanks Peter for all your patience and guidance.
David Handley
Passed 1st Time

I've been learning with peter since April and i would recommend him to anyone looking to have lessons. since April i have had some good lessons and a few not good ones, but not once did he lose his patience, he always said for me to learn from my mistakes. It;s always great if you learn with a patient and friendly driving instructor and he helped me through my test earlier today (30/7/2010) which i passed 1st time!!!!!

So if anyone is thinking about getting lessons they should get in with peter!

thanks mate, your a legend!
Alexandra Davies
I've always been quite a nervous person when it comes to new things, driving was one of them.For my 17th birthday my dad bought me driving lessons.I didn't start them till after my 18th.. Pete is a very friendly person and i got on with him instantly which put me at ease..he has endless amount of patience and put up with me talking him to death in my two hour driving lessons. He has good banter :P and he helped me build my confidence up, i am now cruising around in my little bluebell ( blue C2) I shall be sending my brother to Pete, he has to deal with another 'Davies'
I would recommend him to anyone,deff the best driving instructor in the Bridgend area:)
Sophie John
Passed 1st Time

After attempting to learn to drive before with an AA instructor, my partner recommended Peter. As a nervous driver he gave me the confidence to leave the industrial estate and attempt my practical test, which I passed first time!! Peter is one of the most patient and calm people i know, and was extremely accommodating with lessons around work and college. I couldn't recommend him enough and will make sure all of my friends and family wanting to learn how to drive do so with Peter :D Though I'm pretty sure he is terrified of actually facing my road rage around Bridgend.. Just kidding!
Kyra Blair
Passed 1st Time

Couldn't have chosen a better instructor! So relaxed and easy to get along with which made learning more enjoyable and easy. He gave me the push i needed without which i would still be driving round and round the industrial estate! Peter was always accommodating with regards to lesson time and changes! Still can't believe i passed first time!! Thanks you so much!!!! :-D
Danielle O'Neill
Passed 1st Time

I do not feel that I could have chosen to learn with a better instructor! Peter has a good sense of humor, he is very patient and friendly, and best of all, he never got frustrated or annoyed with me if I struggled to do anything :). I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you very much Peter! :)
Jessica Date
Passed 1st Time

Thank You Peter. Was so nervous but passed first time thanks to you. Helped me alot with the manouvres and staying confident. Thanks so much.
Tom Haley
I highly recommend peter, he is patient, friendly and always gives clear instructions. I passed first time with only two minors in a short amount of time. Peter would always fit lessons in when it suited me best. Even though i was slightly nervous at first I felt very safe in a car with him. Thanks Peter!
Robert Pike
Passed 1st Time

Peter is great instructor to learn to drive with.

He is patient and friendly which helps to take the edge off when youre stressed about your driving.

His approach and driving knowledge is an essential key for anyone wanted to learn to drive safely for life.

Thanks peter for all the help!
Kristina Thomas
Passed 1st Time

Firstly, i would like to thank Pete for being a great instructor!
I started learning in October 09 and have just passed my test(April) first time! Pete is very patient, so don't worry if you stall loads of times like me haha!!
Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive!
Thanks again Pete :)
Lauren Barry
Passed 1st Time

I started learning with Peter in September and have just passed my test first time. He is very patient and friendly (especially with my fear of roundabouts!). I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone learning to drive.

Thanks Peter!
Cerys Humphries
Passed 1st Time

I first started driving in late 2008, and my first instructor happened to be with someone from BSM. Needless to say, they were hopeless, and after 20 hours with them I'd learnt nothing, to the extent where my previous driving instructor was actually sacked from the firm (nothing to do with me, it just happened, so you can imagine the shock!)

Then, my friend recommended Peter and since my first lesson with him, I've never looked back. My driving improved tremendously and my parents were ecstatic with the results. Peter was always really friendly, very patient (my parallel park was always amusing x]) and had a great sense of humour which meant the lessons were always fun and I always looked forward to them.

I've just passed my test first time, and I would recommend Peter to anyone and everyone.
Chloe Price
Passed 1st Time

I really enjoyed learning with Peter and his sense of humour always made lessons fun :-) He was really friendly and patient :-) I would recommend him to everyone as I passed first time and really enjoyed learning! He always had faith in me even when I didn't! Thanks for everything :-)
Brodie Atkins
Passed 1st Time

I found Peter very easy to learn with. He was always calm and made you feel less nervous on the day of your test or when you were just having a bad day. Peter always found a way to cheer you up, whether its a joke or tell you what he's doing on the weekend. He is friendly and interested in you and what you do. Found the lessons extremely useful and he was always reliable and ready to fit lessons in around you. Thanks to Peter I passed first time!!

Natalie Samson
Passed 1st Time

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with peter, he was always patient and helpful even when i couldn't get things right and helped me feel confident in my own driving. I wasn't the quickest to pick up driving but I passed my test first time and it was all down to peter :) I couldn't wait to pass my test but I'm missing my lessons already. I would definitely recommend him :)
Jeremy Cook
Passed 1st Time

I started learning with Peter at the end of January 09 and passed August 09, first time and with only 2 minors shows how good an instructor he is. Always remained patient and friendly even on the bad lessons. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive, and thank him for everything. Good luck in the future.
Ria Coates
I couldn't wait to start learning to drive when I turned 17 but was really nervous about it. As soon as I had my first lesson with Peter I knew that I'd be ok. He was so friendly and patient it put me to ease straight away, and it was like learning to drive with a friend rather than someone I barely knew. If it wasn't for Peter I don't think that I'd be driving right now. Just want to say thank you so much, I really enjoyed the learning experience with you and best of luck for the future, Pete :)
Dale Morgan
Passed 1st Time

I was only with peter for about 2 months and i passed first time with only 4 minors,it was a joy for him to teach me,i would recommend peter to everybody! I found him very friendly as a friend really,he explained everything to me and i found that really helpful as it give me confidence to pass,and i would just like to thank him for everything Cheers mate good luck to the future
Matthew Stephens
Passed 1st Time

I was learning with Peter for the past few months and I have to admit that he was a great instructor, he was patient and calm the whole time and there was a pleasant atmosphere thanks to him I got to my test feeling confident and passed first time. Thank you for everything and I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.
Shelley Fantham
Passed 1st Time

I've wanted to learn to drive for many years, and though over this time I have had a few different instructors it wasn't until I called Peter that I found the one to get me through the test. Peter was not only competent and reliable but also friendly and down to earth. He kept a relaxed atmosphere while at the same time keeping an informative and educational air. I can't recommend him enough! You'll learn without realising and more than likely pass the first time as I and the majority of his other students have. Thanks again, :D
Lauren Queeley
Passed 1st Time

I started driving with peter in summer 08, from the first phone call he was welcoming and friendly. On all the lessons he was clear on what had to be done. He put up with me through the good and the bad times. Peter taught me in such a professional manner, it resulted, in me passing my test the 1st time. I highly recommend to anybody who's considering doing driving lessons, to go with Peter Hamilton.

Thanks for everything Peter
Keeley Eggleton
Passed 1st Time

I moved from England to Wales as part of a graduate rotation programme. I knew that before I moved back to England I would need to pass my test. I found Peter's website and contacted him to book some lessons. I was nervous as I was learning to drive at nearly 20 but from the very first phone call he was friendly and made me feel at ease. Each lesson Peter explained clearly what needed to be done and also why I was doing it. For me this made it easier to understand, remember and put into practice. He was always happy to answer my 100's of questions and never made me feel stupid for asking them. He developed my driving skills not just to pass my test (which I passed first time) but for actual day to day driving. He even stayed calm when I squeezed through a gap and nearly lost the wing mirror ha ha! Peter is a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test. Thank you so much Peter.
Michelle Upton
Passed 1st Time

I had driving lessons with peter for about 4 or 5 months and I passed my test first time. I found peter really friendly and I actually really enjoyed learning with him. He was very patient and he explained everything thoroughly. I'm not from around the area but peter made sure that I was familiar with the test routes and roads etc... before he put me in for my test, which helped alot!!!!

I didn't feel afraid to ask him questions - even to slow his speech down (as I'm English and didn't grasp the accent, ha ha) !!!!!

I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
so now I'm enjoying the freedom - thanks to peter - cheers!!!!
Kirsty Lagdon
Passed 1st Time

I started driving with peter late July 2008 and by The end of October 2008 I had passed my test ! Learning with Pete was so easy he's friendly and patient and never makes you feel pressured to do anything that you don't feel safe to do. I would and have recommend Pete to several of my friends and family and will carry on doing so. If you want to pass your test Pete is definitely by far the one for you! Thanks Pete.
Natalie Jenkins
Passed 1st Time

I started having lessons in 2005 with another instructor and failed my test 3 times so I didn't go back for any more lessons. Then in 2007 I started having lessons with Peter and passed on my fourth time but first with Peter. I found him very friendly, patient, understanding and he explained everything as easy as he could for me to digest it all. I was very nervous but he helped me to build my confidence if it wasn't for Peter I think I would not have driven again so thank you very much Peter
Tony Turner
Passed 1st Time

I had lessons with Pete for about 4 months and found him very friendly, patient and understanding. He always made me feel at ease and explained everything thoroughly and I passed first time with only 2 minors. I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.
Dionne Jones
Passed 1st Time

My husband bought me driving lessons for Xmas December 2007, I actually started driving with peter in the following Feb, I was nervous because I'm a late learner in my 40's but after my first lesson with peter I felt relaxed and looked forward to further lessons, they were fun and peter had such patience, I passed in less than a year. I would definitely recommend peter to anyone, in fact my son now has lessons with him, GOOD LUCK!

Thank you Peter.
Melissa Wines
Passed 1st Time

I learned to drive with peter very friendly relaxed and professional instructor. Take things at your own pace lessons to fit around you. I enjoyed learning to drive with peter and passed my test 1st time after only 3 months of lessons two per week would highly recommend to all friend and family. Thanks Peter
Aimee Hooper
Passed 1st Time

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Pete. He made it simple to understand, and was always patient and friendly. He always found a way to make a lesson fun, and it never got boring. Pete would always encourage me to be confident about my driving ability and was excellent with keeping me calm when it came to my test. I always looked forward to driving lessons and I would highly recommend him to anybody :)
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AWESOME instructor, couldn't have had anyone better and I doubt I would have passed if I'd had anyoe

AWESOME instructor, couldn't have had anyone better and I doubt I would have passed if I'd had anyoe ..

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